During the past 26 and 27 October, Virtual Air Sim has participated in the information sessions on training, profession and future in the Armed Forces and the State Security Forces and Bodies, which are held every year in the space of congresses and exhibitions of the Ibercaja Foundation in Badajoz.

With our presence we intend to promote the use of new simulation and virtual reality technologies in the military environment and, more specifically, their use in teaching and training processes in the new context of synthetic learning.

More than 300 primary and secondary school students have had the opportunity to learn directly about these technologies implemented by Virtual Air Sim for the training of professional pilots. Two flight simulators have been available for conference attendees to try on-site and personally experience immersion in a virtual reality (VR) environment using VR goggles while flying modern aircraft that exist today.

As in previous editions, a high-capacity simulator has been shown, both in terms of processing and graphic management, and software similar to that used by the Air Force in the Ala23 Fighter and Attack School.

For our part, we have confirmed once again how easy it is for the new generations to understand and adapt to this technology, which will undoubtedly become part of their teaching tools in the near future.