Augmented Reality (AR)

With our AR Augmented Reality models we provide more efficient learning environments and task support.

A low cost of document generation, low learning curve and immediate applicability, make AR the ideal medium for all types of teaching and task support applicable to any environment and level of demand.
Students autonomously access content with which to interact with an immersive and enriched visual experience. Technical, maintenance and auxiliary personnel, operators, etc., have immediate access to the information necessary for their task, on the real and / or virtual object on which it operates.

At Virtual Air Sim we work in the conjunction of information with the task environment, preparing the way for the irruption of IoT in work environments, training and training.

Let’s take an example: maintenance personnel can access information about a motor in real time just by looking at the object, knowing in turn parameters of its state that has been sensed such as temperature, voltages, electronic activation, measurements of security, etc.


The virtual simulation that your company or school needs, just imagine it