Last Wednesday, February 15, we had the pleasure of attending the presentation of the Final Degree Project by Mr. Alejandro Pacheco Rojo, a student at the School of Industrial Engineering at the University of Extremadura.

In his presentation, he showed the entire development process carried out for the creation of a virtual model with photorealistic texture of the cockpit of a combat plane, specifically the F-5 of the Air Force of the Air Force. A scanner was used to collect basic data and later, using specific software, the final hatching and texturing of the cabin was developed, achieving a realistic, fully detailed and interactive virtual environment.

This virtual modeling work was integrated into the Planthea23 project of the Fighting and Attack School – Ala 23, which developed Virtual Air Sim, as a complement to the School’s virtual campus.

Thanks to this model, the students of the Hunting and Attack Course learn cockpit procedures in a totally immersive virtual context using VR glasses. The great advantage of this medium is its influence on the learning curve, which is significantly improved, as can be seen in the pedagogical evaluation of the School.

Virtual Air Sim has benefited from the excellent work of the graduate student, which was carried out under a collaboration agreement with the Graphic Expression Department of the School of Industrial Engineering and the direction of Mr. Juan Pablo Carrasco Amador and Mr. Álvaro José Sánchez Ortega .

Our congratulations to Alejandro Pacheco for his graduation and excellent work, along with our thanks to the School of Industrial Engineering and directors for their determined support of our project.