On April 10, Virtual Air Sim began its cycle of talks on aeronautical topics.

We had the pleasure of first listening and then talking with Miguel Ángel Marazuela, Lt. Col. of the Air Force, who shared with the attendees his professional and vital experience from his beginnings as a gliding pilot to his current destination in the NATO structure.

Above all, he had an impact on the idea of passion for work and the fulfillment of tasks with an aspiration for excellence, something that he has tried to transmit to each class of new pilots in his role as instructor and Head of Studies at the Hunting School and Talavera La Real attack – Wing 23.

During the talk shared with the numerous attendees, he answered the most varied questions about his career, technical aspects of flight operations, current technology or the future of the Talavera Air Base, to name a few examples.

It was really difficult for us to adjourn the session that lasted beyond the scheduled time, so we understand that everyone was comfortable and interested in the topics of this first talk.

From Virtual Air Sim we thank the attendees for his participation and Miguel Ángel Marazuela for his generous contribution of knowledge, experience and attitude.

We will wait for you next time.