Implementation of Telework and Digital Entrepreneurship Solutions


Help lines will be launched to promote advanced ICT services, through the application of knowledge and new techniques in the field of business innovation that allow the implementation of tools aimed at facilitating the performance of teleworking and the use of teleworking. digital technologies, productivity and competitiveness of companies, as well as offering work alternatives other than the traditional face-to-face, thus reinforcing and enhancing their growth.

Two lines of action will be established:

  1. Boosting Teleworking: Connectivity and Office in the Cloud
  2. Boost Digital Entrepreneurship


Project to increase competitiveness and digital information processing oriented to virtual reality environments in the field of aerial simulation.


Specific to the operation: “To develop the digital economy including electronic commerce, for the growth, competitiveness and internationalization of Spanish companies”.

Of the subsidized project:

  • Increase the viewing capacity for an immersive experience in Virtual Reality at the highest graphic level available in the market.
  • Increase the graphic processing capacity and the specific software requirement in Augmented Reality to be able to make top-level developments in topics such as virtual tours, “live” training on real terrain with enriched information, training in virtual environments.


With the acquisition and modernization of computer equipment, we can now process more efficiently and offer a much richer visual experience

REGULATORY BASE: Order of September 9, 2020

BUDGET: 5.964,72 €

HELP RECEIVED: 4.771,78 €

FUND: European Regional Development Fund (FEDER)